IT Job Searches Decline 18%

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  • IT job searches fell 18% from June last year
  • The largest decrease was in “Visual basic jobs” and “Silverlight jobs” which saw a 50% decrease
  • Java development associated searches increased 30%
  • 56% of execs click on mobile web ads and 51% click on mobile paid searches.


Research released today by Charter Bridge Consulting has found that over the last 12 months the number of people searching online for jobs in Information Technology has fallen overall by over 18%. The data comes from June last year where Charter Bridge looked at data from the major search engines, including the history of 300 specific skill keyword terms and the usage patterns of a range of websites.

Over the last few years the amount of job seeking carried out online has increased as well. Nearly 10% of searches and applications are carried out on a mobile device, compared to less than 2% 3 years ago. According to Google, 56% of IT execs click on mobile job ads and 51% click on mobile paid searches.

Charter Bridge found that the largest decrease in online users was for the keywords in the “visual basic jobs” category, which saw over a 50% decrease from the same time last year. Conversely, some areas increased in the number of searches, including “Java Development” which was up 30% and and SEO/SEM jobs which were up nearly 50%.

“The IT jobs searches fluctuate” said Richard Burke, Manager of Charter Bridge. “December is by far the quietest month for job searches, whereas January and February tend to be the biggest.”

“The last 12 months has seen a decline in people searching for particular jobs as these skills become less well paid compared to others”

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